Melt Blown Absorbents
These are best in oil-spill clean up whether the oil spill is large or small, on land or on water.  They have fastest absorbing capacity, highly versatile and have good oil retention. These are most cost-effective sorbents made from a single layer of strong uniform PP fibers. Hydrocarbon fluids stick to these fibers where as these fibers are hydrophobic (water repellant). They feature high loft and fast wicking action. Also, they are ideal for large marine oil-spill clean up as they will not mildew and they will float indefinitely.  These pads or rolls are perforated for easy and exact use. Available in heavy, medium and light weights.
  Pads are economical, easy to apply, and easily picked up after spills.
  Rolls are best used for large spills and high traffic areas.

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Item Code Form Weight Size Pcs. / Box
ES4WHP15/18 Pads Heavy 15" X 18" 100
ES4WHP16/20 Pads Heavy 16" X 20" 100
ES4WMP15/18 Pads Medium 15" X 18" 100
ES4WMP16/20 Pads Medium 16" X 20" 100
ES4WLP15/18 Pads Light 15" X 18" 200
ES4WLP16/20 Pads Light 16" X 20" 200
ES4WHR15/150 Rolls Heavy 15" X 150' 2
ES4WHR15/300 Rolls Heavy 15" X 300' 1
ES4WHR30/150 Rolls Heavy 30" X 150' 2
ES4WHR30/300 Rolls Heavy 30" X 300' 1
ES4WMR15/150 Rolls Medium 15" X 150' 2
ES4WMR15/300 Rolls Medium 15" X 300' 1
ES4WMR30/150 Rolls Medium 30" X 150' 2
ES4WMR30/300 Rolls Medium 30" X 300' 1
ES4WLR15/150 Rolls Light 15" X 150' 2
ES4WLR15/300 Rolls Light 15" X 300' 1
ES4WLR30/150 Rolls Light 30" X 150' 2
ES4WLR30/300 Rolls Light 30" X 300' 1

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